Intelligence and Strategy

Marketing ideas, whether they are physically enveloped by a product or not, is our main concern.

In this respect intelligence is crucial and strategy becomes the most important intentional play for any business. We are there again with long term acquired expertise in particular in the fields of technology based security of valuables, dissuasion based technologies and intellectual property (IP) valorization projects. And although we have to play local games, we maximize globally for obtaining optimal global payoffs.

Innovating is not enough. We must foster creativity and implement innovation in a way naturally compatible with a society where we want, and where we can live in the future. And if we need humanity to play according to some rules, we must create the game. And preferably games where the best for each individual play coincides with the best collective play for society. - Paulo Coelho Vieira

Main Sectors we Have Worked on

Helping companies, individuals, technology parks and several other institutions to create and deploy business models, patents and other IPs that are truly in tune with the knowledge economy.

Creating, developing, protecting, and supporting the marketing efforts for security technologies based on dissuasion strategies. Among other projects, we were responsible for the intelligent Box and AIPS (ATM Intelligent Protection System) based on pyrotechnics.

Protecting and Valorizing technology and developing and implementing business models in the health sector in particular merging information and communication technologies and Health; for example, planning and implementing large telemedicine networks.

This was our cradle where we build our culture of constructing and supporting technology and models that led to industrial and financial cooperative games with social, environmental and economic sustainability.

The next frontier. Several of our projects from middleware development to pyrotechnics quickly led us into the energy and aerospace industry.

SysPat is part of the Global Humanitarian Program (GHP) -


Our Intellectual Property Valorization Platform

SysPat is a system for the Protection and the Valorization (marketing and negotiation) of Intellectual Property, whether they are in the form of Patents, Scientific Papers or Handouts (copyright).

SysPat makes easier the drafting, the filing or publishing, the management and the maximization of the value of patents, scientific papers and handouts.

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Dissuasion Technologies

ATM Intelligent Protection System (AIPS)

Dissuasion means creating a “consistent game” where robbers best response is not attacking.

We prevent crime by dissuading criminals.

Notice that there is a focus on convincing potential criminals of the consistency of the new game first. It is a focus on the human factor.

An example of dissuasion technology is the AIPS, which detects by electronic means a robbery in a ATM or money transport box, and does a controlled and irreversible burning destruction on the money. It loses its market value but may be exchanged at central banks for new banknotes that return to their legitimate owner.

About Us


Arrowplan is a company founded in 1995 in Belgium, in the heart of Europe. We started doing technology valorization in the environmental sector. And from that we expanded our technology activities to other sectors like Security and Information Technology.

In year 2000 we inaugurated our second branch of activity: Arrowplan do Brasil. This move increased the collaboration projects we developed between Europe and Latin America, and started new projects specifically constructed to the Brazilian continental market.


Since the beginning the company was organized as a network: the Arrowplan Network. And this kind of organization, unusual for the time it was implemented, has played a crucial role for the company business successes and for the expansion of our activities. The same model we have followed to develop SysPat, our patent protection and valorization platform, by creating the SysPat Network. Both Networks are managed by Arrowplan and follow strict deontology principles to deal with our prime matter: Information.

From now to the Future

Today we are present in sectors like structuring of  innovation clusters, health, information technology, security, finance, aerospace, agriculture, and environment. In all of them, our actions are strongly leveraged by our own created and developed platform SysPat, used in several countries and that also led us to expand our work into the education arena. From there we are happy to be truly supporting the creation of an innovation culture based on Intellectual Property and on Empowering Creative People.

Our Services

We act in several fields like patent protection, patent valorization, intelligence, marketing strategy and Intellectual Property negotiation; creating, financing, and implementing marketing games for new technologies and new technologies and change market games. Through the button below you can download a list of our main services.

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Some articles and press material covering our actions.

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