Intelligence and Strategy


Below you find a sample of the services we provide:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Valorization support, such as:
    • IP valuation and negotiation: strategic analysis of negotiation processes, identification of players, negotiation power analysis, environment scanning, communication strategy and strategic IP management.
    • Support to the creation, organization and implementation of IP Valorization policies at institutions, NGOs and companies and to the development of institutional IP Culture.
    • Competitive Intelligence: competitor's profile analysis, research, treatment and diffusion of information for optimizing business moves, determination of potential reactions and of merge and acquisition opportunities.
    • Strategic support to the decision making process, including the analysis of legal and political information, potential risks and scenario interpretation, determining players, potential coalitions and interests involved.
    • Analysis of consumers' economic and psychological profile and switching costs, identifying pricing and marketing strategies.
    • Lectures and courses on key IP topics.
  • Identification of sources of financing, private or public, from several countries and institutions, according to each business context.
  • Identification and formation of business coalitions, interest groups and networks of information.
  • Analysis of the evolution of economic sectors, business activities and market shares, including strategic marketing studies, analysis of the technological context.
  • Elaboration and implementation of business meetings both as Principal operator or Collaborator (European Commission Al-Invest terminology).