Intelligence and Strategy

Our View

The world of the XXIst century has already revealed some of its characteristics:

  • The establishment of several coalitions of countries such as European Union, NAFTA and Mercosur
  • The importance of exchange and cooperation among the member (countries) of each coalition and between coalitions
  • The importance of information, networking, intelligence and strategic thinking.

About Europe

In this context the European Union and its satellites have become an extremely important partner:

  • Commercially,
  • As a source and target of investment, and
  • As a source and target of information.

Belgium is in the heart of Europe, where some of the European and World's most important decisions are made.

About Business

The XXIst century has also highlighted the importance of cooperation. The emergence of the information society called for stronger cooperative links and emphasized efficiency, knowledge base, creativity, professionalism and reputation as determining characteristics of the most profitable business strategies. The new profile of wining strategies led to new ways of thinking and acting in order to achieve the best results in business.

About Arrowplan

In this context most of today's firms are facing major challenges regarding information management and marketing strategy.

Moreover, Internet and the break of the "information monopoly" brought new intelligence, marketing needs and challenges for economic and political agents.


Our Mission

Arrowplan is targeted at these new demands. We started in 1995 introducing in Brazil a Belgian mission; and by mission we should read technology, expertise, financial sources and business plans. This was our first successful project.

Today we are working on several other projects, providing intelligence, strategic marketing support and business solutions to sectors like intelligent security, aerospace, health and environmental technology. Our goal is to continuously develop and represent projects that are fully compatible with the main objectives and technical requirements of the entrepreneur of the XXIst century.


Our History

Arrowplan started its activities in Belgium in 1995. Below is a list of some of the projects it has developed:

  • Representation, Intelligence and Strategic support for several Latin American and European companies, industrial associations and institutions
  • Joint venture projects
  • Organization and logistics of several business missions for the private and public sectors in Europe and Latin America
  • Member of the Coopeco Network (Al-Invest - European Commission) as a highly qualified consultant firm specialized in intelligence for the environmental and bank security sectors (for details see Al-Invest web site).
  • Coordination, organization and support of several events and business meetings such as the Forum Eco-Business 1997 that took place from October 20th to 24th (involving Belgian, Luxembourg, with the participation of European Union and Brazilian firms and authorities), the Ecotecnológica 2000 that took place in Curitiba in April 2000 (Al-Invest - European Commission project), Mobília 2000 in the south of Brazil in December 2000 and the Forum on Dissuasion Methods and Technology in July 2008.
  • Seminars and conferences on specific economic and environmental themes
  • Patent valorization projects in the fields of security, aerospace, environment and medicine
  • Analysis, negotiation and Eco-auditing of tourism and environmental projects
  • Our clients range from small to large companies and institutions. Most of our projects target the private sector and demand extreme discretion and confidentiality. For some examples of our ongoing activities see Projects and Press.